Pelvic Floor Activation Treatment Newport

Non Surgical Incontinence
For Men & WOmen

Non Invasive

Pelvic Floor Activation Treatment Newport

Don’t suffer in silence!

Millions of people experience the discomfort and embarrassment associated with weakened pelvic-floor muscles, leading to such issues as incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

It’s a common problem, especially as we age or recover from certain illnesses, but it doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle.

You’re not alone and there definitely are solutions out there.

The vital pelvic-floor muscles, which provide support to your bladder, uterus, and rectum, need not be a source of discomfort.

Both surgical and non-surgical options are available to repair and strengthen these muscles, ultimately improving your quality of life.

Imagine regaining control of your body, restoring your confidence, and saying goodbye to any embarrassment.

It’s possible and attainable.

With a portfolio of pelvic-floor muscle repair treatments, relief is closer than you think.

Take the first step towards a stronger, healthier you – explore your options today!

pelvic floor activation

Unleash the Power of Your Pelvic Floor activation with Direct UI EMT Chair!

Welcome to a world where you can use Direct UI EMT Chair for pelvic floor activation. 

Direct UI EMT Chair is here to revolutionize the way you strengthen your pelvic muscles.

This ground-breaking treatment harnesses the power of electromagnetic energy, channelled through a specialized chair, to stimulate and boost your pelvic floor muscles in an extraordinary way.

Pelvic floor exercises can help strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles and to some degree help you regain bladder control.

Pelvic pain can be caused from pelvic organ prolapse, prostate cancer and more effecting both men and women.

Direct UI EMT Chair treatment helps to treat incontinence, intimate health and help men and women to achieve orgasm.

In Direct UI EMT Chair chair treatment sessions it targets pelvic organs while the client remain fully clothed.

For best treatment period 6 to 10 sessions are recommended.

Recovery time is short and you will see results from just a single session as it generates thousands of contractions in just 30 minutes.

For best results, most people find 6 to 10 sessions give the best results.

Your pelvic health physiotherapy willbe able to test your pelvic floor function and pelvic health and test your abdominal muscles.

Your pelvic health physiotherapist may encourage you to book your initial appointment.

A women’s health physiotherapist can diagnose pelvic floor dysfunction and the best part about Direct UI EMT Chair is that you can improve your day to day life and overall quality of life and remove pelvic pain.

Many women find women’s health see results improving from the high intensity treatment and can resume normal daily activities and leave immediately afterwards.

Imagine the benefits of thousands of kegel exercises, but within just a half-hour session and all while you remain comfortably seated and fully clothed!

Direct UI EMT Chair is the solution to improved bladder control, diminished pain and amplified sexual function.

It’s not just an alternative treatment, it’s a game-changer.

Women across various life stages – from post-pregnancy to post-menopause – can experience the transformative power of Direct UI EMT Chair.

If you’ve been grappling with urinary incontinence, pelvic discomfort, or sexual dysfunction, Direct UI EMT Chair could unlock the door to a more confident, comfortable you.

(Note: Direct UI EMT Chair is not recommended for those who are pregnant, have a pacemaker or a metal IUD.)

Direct UI EMT Chair sessions are quick, easy and painless.

The initial effects can be instantaneous, with many patients reporting enhanced bladder control right after their first session.

For optimal results, a series of 10 treatments, scheduled twice a week, is advised.

Relax, it’s not surgery!

Unlike invasive procedures, Direct UI EMT Chair is non-invasive and has been clinically proven to yield significant improvements in bladder control and sexual function, while reducing episodes of incontinence.

Say goodbye to the stress of pelvic floor disorders, and say hello to a stronger, healthier, happier you with Direct UI EMT Chair – the future of pelvic floor health is here!